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ShopComm is a comprehensive shopper marketing company with more than 25 years of experience in the Indonesian retail industry. We help brands communicate and influence shoppers along the shopper’s journey, both offline and online.
We have been trusted as the retail media agency of more than 800 hypermarkets, supermarkets,
and traditional markets, along with thousands of minimarkets across main cities in Indonesia, including:

Communicate with shoppers across the customer journey

82% of purchase decisions being made inside the store and in-store purchase being impulse*, shopper marketing have a tremendous opportunity to reach shoppers and stimulate consumption utilizing human senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) within and around retail environments.
(Zero Moment of Truth)
Store Area
(Entrance & Surrounding)
In-store Experience
Post Purchase & Consumption
Online & Offline

Our integrated solutions helps your brand stand out from competition

Communicate with your consumers through an integrated campaign, from in-store advertising, retailer’s social media, retail digital media, to product demonstration, sampling, activation, and merchandising.
In-Store Media
In-store advertising with unique sensorial-based creatives, including shelf media, end gondola, floor display or other advertising to make your brand stands out from the others.
In-Store Digital Media
A new way to communicate inside stores where 90% shoppers are aware. Audio campaigns and digital TV are played strategically within the retail environment from entrance to check-out with call-to-action messages.
Offline Brand Experience
We create sampling and activation campaigns with strict hygiene protocols both in-store as well as outdoors to ensure each shopper is eager to try and experience the product or services first-hand, before eventually buying the product.
Online Brand Experience
We amplify the voice of your consumer as the voice of your brand with ratings, reviews, UGC, social content, and more, to help the market making informed purchasing decisions.
End-to-end Creative & Production
Our service ranges from design and development, printing & production and installation & maintenance of in-store advertising, using eco-friendly material and waste-handling process.
Integrated Campaigns
Working together with your team, we help you with your entire retail marketing strategy and design a tailor-made integrated campaign to ensure you achieve the best reach and ROI.

We provide multichannel solutions

ShopComm is unique in providing end-to-end services.
We are proud to be working with these great clients and agencies in Indonesia. Here are some of them:

Our operations span across Indonesia, giving you a truly nationwide reach

We cover main cities across Indonesia from Sumatra to Sulawesi,
according to your needs and objectives.

How we compare

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Competitor (T)
Concept & Creative
In-House Production
Coverage (Nationwide)
Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling
Report & Monitoring
Sustainable Waste Management
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We are part of OMG Group

Since 1993, Omni Marketing Global has been the strategic full-service partner in effective shopper marketing solutions working directly with leading retailers and marketers across over 20 countries. Visit OMG Group website.


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Sustainability at ShopComm

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at ShopComm. It is a concerted, continuous, company-wide effort to minimize our negative environmental impacts and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Do People Still Go to The Stores?

Although the penetration of online shopping has been accelerated due to the pandemic, shoppers still prefer to make their purchases inside an actual store as research finds.
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